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No one today may contest the accumulation of law material is to such an extent that the complete knowledge of that material is impossible to be acquired by only one person. Indeed, the historical evolution of human society and the challenges for juridical regulations it implies have already added to Graeco-Roman law, the basis of our modern law, a huge amount of law material that rendered specialisation necessary. Special mention must be given to one of the recent parts of the above historical evolution: the globalisation of society that has established international sources of law and accordingly international law, whose implementation into domestic- national legal order in many cases is direct and requires no involvement of the domestic legislator ( either because that is expressly provided by domestic law, either through the influence of the former to the interpretation of the latter). So, modern jurists must not only be informed about internal developments but also about international ones.

Originally, our law firm was created from a multi-year collaboration of its two main partners, Sotiriadis Sotirios and Bata Areti, of which the first is responsible for the wider area of public law and the second for private ( for classification of law both in civil or continental legal systems and in common or case law ones,  see to introductory explanations on our specialisation” on this site).   Our collaboration, realising the modern need for specialisation, has already expanded all over Greece, involving more experts in law areas, with the aim not only of territorial coverage but mainly of a scientific one.

 Indeed, the modern technology of information and communication made this scientific cooperation operable, while the modern requirements of legal services made it necessary.  This necessity of invariable collaboration among specialized lawyers is dealt with in our topic “Introductory explanations on our specialisation”.

Today, we may provide you with legal services of high quality,    in an organised, systematic, and specified way, wherever you are in the world.   

Our law firm, having its registered address in Thessaloniki, the second town of Greece, at dodecanisou 22 street, PC 54626, may help you if your case or issue concerns the Greek courts or authorities or even those of English or French-spoken countries.


Sotiris Sotiriadis

Lawyer, Criminal and Public Law

+30 694 431 1300

Sotiris Sotiriadis graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens law department and attended francophone postgraduate studies in public law. He exerts his active practice for thirty years having successfully processed before the authorities and handled before the courts cases in Greece and abroad. He has acquired considerable practical experience and theoretical training in the field of Public Law, in matters of the legal status of foreign persons and corporations, Immigration Law , Public Licensing Law especially in the area of hospitality and touristic activity, Human Rights Law, Revenue or Tax law, Financial Criminal Law and Drugs. In the area of Private Law he has routinely dealt with cases relative to commercial debt collection, car accidents and Family Law.

Bata Areti

Civil & Banking Law, Disabity & Special Needs Issues

+30 697 765 9808

Bata Areti graduated from Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki in 1993 and also studied journalism in Athenian Journalism Labοratory. She started active practice in 1995 at the same town mainly on civil law cases. She is expert in Real estate law, Inheritance law (Law of Succession),Notary Law, Law of obligations, Banking law and finally Family law.
In recent years she has successfully handled cases of bank debts, as she had been banking partner in the past. She knowns how to protect the best your real estate in case of private or public debts, notarial deeds or any kind of conveyance, succession, advise you and lead you to the best solution applying the most recent legal provisions due to economical crisis and combines them with the traditional real estate, inheritance and banking law. Moreover, she may guide you to your real estate investement, bank transaction, in Greece and all over the European Community

Associate lawyers:

Sophia Kivrakidou

Sofia Kivrakidou was born in Kozani in 1990. She graduated from the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace in 2013. She completed part of her internship at the Criminal Department of the First Instance Court of Thessaloniki. She has been cooperating with the office since 2017 handling cases of Criminal Law, Civil Law as well as Law of Aliens. She speaks the English and the German Language.

Terzi Aikaterini

Terzi Aikaterini graduated from the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2018. She has also studied at the English Language and Literature Department of the Aristotle University for two years, from 2012 to 2014. She has attended numerous seminars in the fields of Public, Criminal and Family Law. She carried out part of her internship in the Department of Judicial Proceedings of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki. She completed her internship at SB Law Services Sotiriadis-Bata Law Firm. During her traineeship, she handled several cases of criminal, public and military law, as well as law of aliens.

Associate lawyers:

  • Region of Central Macedonia:
    • Dalamagkas Georgios, Lawyer of Halkidiki,
    • Costoglou Chrysoula, Lawyer of Serres,
    • Tatsioka Elissavet, Lawyer of Thessaloniki,
    • Ziogou Aphrodite, Lawyer of Thessaloniki,
    • Fotiadou Ioanna, Lawyer of Thessaloniki,
    • Kivrakidou Sofia, Lawyer of Thessaloniki,
    • Tzikas George, Lawyer of Thessaloniki
  • Region of western Macedonia:
    • Tsiftsis Thodoris, Kozani Lawyer,
    • Patsikas Athanasios, Kozani Lawyer
  • Region of Eastern Macedonia Thrace:
    • Saroglou Christos, Xanthi Lawyer,
    • Stefanidou Evangelia, Lawyer of Drama
  • Epirus:
    • Tsiami Aikaterini, Lawyer of Ioannina
  • Thessaly:
    • Doxara Evangelia, Lawyer of Larissa,
    • Carlou Ourania, Magnesia Lawyer
  • Attica:
    • Kechagioglou Athanasios, Athens Lawyer,
    • Tsirimiagou Georgia, Athens Lawyer,
    • Papavassiliou Konstantinos, Lawyer of Athens
  • Peloponnese:
    • Dimitriou Maria, Lawyer of Corinth
  • Chania
    • Stella Bataki, Chania Bar Association