Car Accident Law

Car Accident Law combines Traffic and Personal Injury Law. It is also closely connected to Private Insurance Law. So, in conclusion it has aspects of both Criminal and Civil Law, which puts this specific part of Law right in the middle, between Public and Private Law (for further information and explanations on the above terms please visit the «Specialization Fields» tab of our website or the «Introductory explanations on our specialization fields» tab on the «Homepage» of our website). It is regulated by the Highway Code, the 237/1986 Presidential Decree, the corresponding articles of the Greek Civil Code and by the Law/Act  ΓπΝ’ 3950/1911.

In an era of increasing use of cars and other motor vehicles, statistics show that traffic accidents are a continuously present danger. This finding combined with the tremendously rising numbers of uninsured vehicles, as a result of the aggravating economic crisis, add up to the already complex situation of traffic accidents. Furthermore, the fact of the free and unobstructed transportation of vehicles that come from countries – members of the E.U. amid those countries, and consequently throughout the Greek roads, which are insured in their respective country of origin, contributes to the complexity that is described above.

That being told, the handling of a car accident case is a very difficult and quite possibly one of the most demanding tasks that a lawyer has to carry out. It takes subtle yet decisive actions and, of course, familiarity with this specific subject.

With each individual traffic/car accident case it is crucial to illuminate the circumstances, causes and point the individual or individuals who are responsible for it. It is equally important to highlight the causes of death or personal injury as well as the extent of the latter, when, unfortunately but not rarely, the outcome is such.

Our firm offers a long experience of handling car accident cases. We provide complete legal support that includes the achievement of extrajudicial compromise with the involved insurance companies and brokers and representation before any Investigative Authority, Prosecutor or Criminal Court. We represent individuals before the Civil Courts of Liability trials and the claiming of the respective financial compensation. Our network of specialized legal partners, insurance brokers, mechanical engineers and forensic experts that spans all over Greece and abroad, will handle your personal case with absolute responsibility and meticulousness, until justice is served.

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