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Company and Banking Law are two very significant and wide-ranging parts of the area of Private Law and more specifically the branch of Commercial Law (for further information and explanations on the above terms please visit the “Specialization Fields” tab of our site). They are regulated by the corresponding chapters of the Greek Commercial Code but also by special laws.

During current times business and banking activities expand and multiply through new types of commercial needs that are thus followed by the standardization of new forms of business and banking services.  Under these circumstances, the necessity for specialized, thorough, and continuously updated knowledge and practice on the respective parts of law and legislature is undeniable.

Our firm is guaranteed to provide the best of services consulting and guiding you through a variety of legal options and actions. We specialize in the forming of all types of legal corporations both in Greece and abroad providing all the needed legal counseling. We  are also expert in representing individuals or legal entities in any kind of transaction or dispute with banking institutions. We offer extensive experience in handling cases of individuals that are financially unable to repay their bank loans, achieving extrajudicial compromise with the respective financial institutions or applying in a court of law.

Our firm provides peerless legal advice and services on each individual case of Company and Banking Law. Our trusted network of legal partners, notaries, accountants and brokers that spans all over Greece and abroad ensure optimal efficacy.

*At this point it is important to state that according to the 16th Article of Act/Law 4251/2014 in combination with the respective Ministerial Decree, citizens of non-EU countries that wish to invest significant amounts of money (250.000 Euros is the minimum investment sum)  under business activity in the state of Greece, as well as their family members and up to 10 executive members of their upcoming business investment  are given the right to apply for residency permit. Furthermore, according to the 20th Article of the same Act/Law of the State of Greece, the same opportunity is given to non-EU countries’ citizens who own real estate property through any legal entity within   the Greek territory.

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