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This specific part of law belongs to the branch of Civil Law which falls under the broader area of Private Law (for further information and explanations on the above terms please visit the “Specialization Fields” tab of our website or the “Introductory Explanations on our Specialization Fields” tab which you can find on the “Homepage” of our website). It is regulated by the respective articles of the Greek Civil Law Code. A rather interesting differentiation that is noticed between the Greek and other foreign states’ Real Estate Laws, is that the former, contrary to the latter, regulates the state of objects that are found connected to or on the land, as a component part of the property rather than disconnected from it. What this practically means is that, any transaction such as buying or selling of a particular residency, warehouse etc. includes the land on which the property is found and cannot take place separately.

The practice of Real Estate and Inheritance Law includes a multitude of procedures with the main focus on buying and selling of real estate property, leasing, accepting of inheritance, donation of property, parental grant, as well as any legal dispute regarding the above.

A very fundamental part of this specific practice is the extensive and deep research that has to be held at the local Land Registries along with the local National Cadastre & Mapping Agency offices. Moreover, according to Greek Law every change in the legal state of any given land property (e.g. conveyance, mortgage etc.) is issued by notary deed which has to be registered at the local Land Registry and National Cadastre & Mapping Agency office. Our firm provides these services and processes any transaction regarding real estate property or accepting of inheritance for any individual or legal entity both Greek or foreign, within Greece or abroad.

Our firm provides peerless legal advice and services on each individual case of Real Estate and Inheritance Law. Our trusted network of legal partners, notaries, accountants and brokers that spans all over Greece ensure optimal efficacy.

*At this point it is important to state that according to the 20th Article of Act/Law 4251/2014 of the State of Greece, owning of real estate property within Greek territory gives the right to citizens of non-EU countries (along with their family members) to apply for residency permit. 

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