Tourism Industry Law – Hospitality Law

The term Hospitality Law is often used in common law States, not in an academic way but in the practicing of law (see: “Introductory explanations on our  specialization fields”) and mainly refers to the liability of those who provide temporary accommodation and their guests,  intended to protect both hosts and guests against injury, whether accidental or intentional. Hospitality law, regulating relations on private interests, is a part of private or civil law (see above).

However, modern mass tourism has imposed, especially in countries such as Greece, the development of preventive public care to avoid damage not only to tourists and hoteliers but also to other public goods, such as the environment. This public care led to an increasingly complex legislation for the practice of professional tourism as well as the establishment of specific public legal persons for the authorization and control of touristic activity. The most important organization of such nature in Greece is the “Greek National Tourism Organization”

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