Drugs & Narcotics Law

The objective of Drug Law is to regulate the use and trafficking of drugs. It belongs to the plethora of Special Criminal Laws, that fall under General Criminal Law. Moreover, Drug Law is categorised under Public Law (for further information and explanations on the above terms please visit the «Specialization Fields» tab of our website or the «Introductory explanations on our specialization fields» tab on the «Homepage» of our website) since it fulfills a social purpose by preventing and punishing behaviours with deep social  impact, especially considering the criminal acts that usually accompany the involvement with drugs. It is regulated by the Law/Act 4139/2013.

The term itself «Drugs» includes, among others, narcotics, stimulants, hallucinogens, marijuana. All these controlled substances are in the epicenter of the anti-Drug Law which makes a clear distinction among drug addicts, drug users and drug traffickers. So, while a proven drug addict may receive the leniency of the court, an individual charged with drug trafficking faces a penalty of at least 8 years imprisonment and a fine up to  300.000 euros.

All the above information show the importance of proper representation and legal advocation in any case of drug related Law violation. Our firm has successfully  handled some of the most demanding cases of drug related crimes in the Greek courtrooms. Our firm will represent you before any investigative authority or prosecutor, follow all the necessary procedures and take all the required legal actions to your best interest. Our team of specialized legal partners and psychiatric experts that spreads all over Greece will offer you the best of services.

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