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Economic Criminal Law belongs to the general Criminal Law and along with Tax Law, the second branch of Financial Law, which includes terms that are also met  in Private Law, they are categorized under the broader sector of Public Law (for further information and explanations on the above terms please visit the “Specialization Fields” tab of our website or the “Introductory Explanations on our Specialization Fields” tab which you can find on the “Homepage” of our website). Economic Criminal Law is regulated by the respective Articles of the Greek Criminal Code and the corresponding Special Criminal Laws/Acts. Tax Law is regulated by the currently applicable Greek Taxation Codes.

The common denominator of the crimes which are regulated by Economic Criminal Law is the motive of financial gain of the offenders. Some of the most ordinary examples of economic crimes, which are also referred to as “White Collar” crimes, are: forgery, fraud, extortion, bribery, money laundering, and embezzlement. The seriousness of an economic crime, which are accordingly distinguished between misdemeanors and felonies, is determined by factors such as the professional (or even political, when this applies) position of the charged individual, the extent of the illegal financial gain etc.

Tax Law is very closely connected to Economic Criminal Law, since tax evasion and overall tax related crimes, are, simultaneously, economic crimes. The legislature that regulates Tax Law through the various Tax Codes has been a subject of on-going public and political discussion, more so in the current years of economic recession, and has undergone numerous reforms.

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